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New Inside a Dog Learning Resources

November 29, 2018

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With the launch of our new and improved Inside a Dog, some of you may have noticed that the teaching resources have disappeared form the site. Our primary goal in redesigning the website was to create a teen-focused space that will give young readers agency over the way they engage with books and reading. We want to encourage them to interact with their peers, to exchange ideas and share skills. We love that teachers and librarians use Inside a Dog as a teaching tool, but in order to give teens a sense of ownership of the space we want to make the teaching aspect of the site less visible. This is why we have restricted users to people aged 12-18 years-old, and why we have removed the teaching resources from the site.

But of course we appreciate the vital role that teachers and librarians play in developing literacy and cultivating a love of reading in young people, and we love that you want to use the Inside a Dog website in your classrooms and libraries. We want to continue to support teachers and librarians, and so our learning resources will be available for download here on the Read Alert blog.

Over the past five years, we have posted a variety of learning resources on this blog, which you can find by searching the ‘Resources’ Category, and various post tags, such as teacher resources and teacher’s notes.

The learning resources that were available on the Old Dog site were created in 2010 or 2014, so they need a bit of an update, too. We are currently assessing all of our resources, rewriting and redesigning them where necessary. We will add resources as they are updated. All available resources can be found below.

If you have any questions, or would like to provide feedback about our past, current or future resources, please contact the Centre for Youth Literature team on 03 8664 7014 or via

Resources available for download:

IAD Book review tips_student Nov2018

IAD Blogging Worksheet_student Nov2018

IAD Book Review Assessment Sheet_student Nov2018

IAD Book review prompt_student Nov2018

Inky Awards Teacher Kit 2018