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OzYA Shakespeare's Way

April 22, 2016

Today marks the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. If you’d like to commemorate the bard with a YA twist, here’s a few adaptations and “inspired-by”s from Australian storytellers! (Click images for full size.)

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Teaching Notes:

The Tempest: Undine – Penni Russon

Othello: Wildlife – Fiona Wood

Much Ado about Nothing: Faking Sweet – J. C. Burke

How to Keep a Boy from Kissing You – Tara Eglington (no teaching notes available)

Hamlet: Hamlet – Nikki Greenberg (scroll down to download a pdf file)

Hamlet – John Marsden

The Understudy’s Revenge – Sophie Masson  (no teaching notes available)

Macbeth: Macbeth and Son – Jackie French