Read Alert - Youth Literature

Farewell Anna!

March 15, 2016

CGO8zt0VIAA9ulj It is with a mixture of sadness and happiness (for her!) that we advise that Anna Burkey has joined the Arts Centre as their new Head of Arts Learning.

Anna has done an outstanding job in her three-and-a-half years at State Library Victoria achieving many career highlights with the Reader Development (Families and CYL) team – Children’s Book Festivals, Reading Matters conferences, the development of children’s and family programs (Baby Bounce and Storytime), the growth of the Inky Awards – to name but a few. She has been a tireless advocate for young/er readers and reading.

This is an exciting time for many of the programs within our children, teens and reading portfolio, including:

Centre for Youth Literature

  • Plans to redevelop Inside a Dog (proving you can teach an old dog new tricks!)
  • Curating an exciting and challenging program for Reading Matters 2017
  • A bigger and better Inky Awards, coupled with a new ambassador schools program
  • A new Shift Alt Story program, supporting professionals to engage with new and emerging forms of storytelling
  • The development of new partnerships
  • The annual Publishers Roundtable and Year Ahead in Youth Literature

Children and families

  • Building on the success of our ever-popular Storytime and Baby Bounce and Play Pod programs
  • Developing a number of new program options.

In addition, State Library Victoria will be creating new dedicated children’s and teen spaces as part of its $83m building redevelopment. We are very excited about this, and particularly the prospect of working with children/families and teens to co-design these spaces. And we are looking forward to the Centre for Youth Literature’s programs having a permanent physical presence in the teen space.

We will be moving to recruit to the position in the near future.

Watch this space.