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Today we had the pleasure of speaking about the way teens connect and create online to the Public Library Victoria Network (PLVN) Children and Youth Service Group at the State Library Victoria. The group was provided an introduction to fan fiction and vlogging and as such the information is intended as a starting point.



Where to find fanfiction?

Basic Key Terms:

Canon – The original literary piece. Pre-canon and post-canon fan-fictions are stories set before or after the original storyline respectively.
AU – Alternate Universes draw characters out of their traditional (canon) setting and into new worlds with new rules.
OTP – ‘one true pairing’ – the relationship a fan supports the most.
Slash – stories involving pairing two male or female characters together

More definitions can be found here.

Check these fanfics out:

Further reading:


Teens embrace video content as

  • Fun
  • Free
  • Community
  • Connection
  • Recommendations

(with book deals – link takes you to their YouTube channel)

Urban Dictionary  – “…a BookTuber is someone on YouTube that makes videos related to books – usually YA novels.”

Australian BookTubers (search through YouTube)

  •  Little Book Owl
  • Booksss101
  • Sam Iam
  • Kellie Reads
  • Books with Dylan
  • Dylan Books
  • April Brooks
  • Lovely Girl Reads

International BookTubers

  • PolandBananasBooks*
  • Ellen Lundstrum*
  • PeruseProject*

Feel free to add suggestions in the comments!


  1. Robyn Burns says:

    Thanks Adele, it’s so helpful to have this introductory material all in one place. Your talk gave us all a great taste of these social media tools. 🙂

  2. Ketoan says:

    Thanks for sharing! great stories.

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