Net News: 19th November 2012

1. Robert Louis Stevenson Day

Robert Louis Stevenson Day, which comes around every year on his birth date the 13th of November, had a great array of events to celebrate the day – including a moustache flash mob, photo-literary, Treasure Island readings and much much more.

For a full list of the events surrounding the day the cityofliterature website has all the details you need. While they are Edinburgh based, there’s some great ideas there that you can adapt for your own school or library.

Thank you Edinburgh! Great day, fantastic looking events.

2. Graphic Novels Melbourne premiere

The very lovely- and CYL regular- Bernard Caleo and Daniel Hayward have made a documentary on comics making culture in Melbourne. One and all are invited to the screening premiere of what promises to be a fascinating and unique look at Melbourne’s history.

The CYL team are big comic fans and have an introduction book list and a follow-up book list to kick start your comic/graphic novel reading.

3. YALSA YA Lit Symposium and Future Tends! 

A lovely little round-up of the YALSA’s YA Lit Symposium. What’s the ‘next big thing?’ Happily Australian YA made the list (presented by our very own Adele Walsh), along with Fandom, Contemporary YA and Transmedia.

Love the shout out to all the up and coming Aussie YA authors. When I sat back and read Adele’s Read Alert post about the YALSA Symposium I was struck by how impressive this new wave of Aussie authors are. There’s so much talent there, and I think Australia gets to be really proud of all the unique voices being published at the moment.

4. Publishers Weekly Best Of 2012.

I don’t know about you, but I always get excited when I see a Best Of list. Publishers Weekly have several categories that might be off interest to you from their Best Of list. There’s the comics list, children’s picture books (I am a huge Olivia fan, right on!), and children’s fiction.

Children’s fiction was an interesting list. I was extremely excited to see Bitterblue and The Fault In Our Stars, an Inky Longlisted title and Inky Award winner respectively.

5. Famous Five to be Famous Again.

The Famous Five series by Enid Blyton will – hopefully – be gracing our television sets.

Now all I need is a mini-series based on Malory Towers – BBC made of course – and my world is complete. However, I’m a little afraid of casting choices (should my dream ever come true), due to the… new direction the publishers have taken with Darrell.

Darrell when I was a child:

Darrell now:


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