Net News: 5th November 2012

1. Inky and Friends.

We have some fantastic friends over the Tasman, who contacted us about their Random Acts of Reading fortnight. Two of the local teachers sent in a photograph of their dogs, who often visit the school and always manage to get in a reading session. I think Inky has some competition! Head on over to their website to check out more from their Random Acts of Reading competition. There’s even reading Gangnam Style. Very cool!




2. America ahoy!

Adele jetted off to America last week. While we were sad to see her go, we are happy to see what she’s been up to. You can catch all the conversations and keep up to date via twitter, with the hashtag #yalit12. To keep you tied over until Adele is back – and can update us in full – here is a short post about the books she highlighted in her presentation.

3. I Feel Like I live in Narnia!

… except instead of a cupboard with a secret passage, we have bookcases with secret passages. Oh the fun we could have! Some amazingly wonderful awesome person has created a tumblr Everything About Secret Bookcase Doors. There are even videos! Oh the joy!!!!

4. ABC Education Portal Launched.

Come one, come all! and visit the newly launched Splash!

ABC Splash is a new education website for Australia, packed with 100s of videos, audio clips and games. Totally free to watch and play at home and in school.

Yes, please! Sign me up and call me a fan.

They site is broken down into lower primary, upper primary, secondary, parents, and teachers. So there’s something for everyone.

5. NSW Premier’s Shortlist.

I love the fresh smell of a shortlist in the morning!

  • A Straight Line to My Heart by Bill Condon, Allen & Unwin
  • The Golden Day by Ursula Dubosarsky, Allen & Unwin
  • Act of Faith byKelly Gardiner, HarperCollins
  • The Dead I Know by Scot Gardner, Allen & Unwin
  • Only Ever Always by Penni Russon, Allen & Unwin
  • All I Ever Wanted by Vikki Wakefield, Text Publishing


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