Net News: 29th October 2012


1. Gaming and the Classroom.

I was struck by this article about Minecraft and it’s inclusion in the education curriculum. Gaming and education? Perhaps I was being a little too narrow-minded, not being a ‘gamer’ myself, because as I read this article I was stuck by what has been happening on Inside A Dog. For those who are unfamiliar Inside A Dog has a Forums section, which has topics from every subject imaginable. One of our most popular Forums are out Minecraft forums. At the end of the day we’re all working towards student engagement and it seems like gaming is one of those instant attractions with kids.

Food for thought at the very least.

2. David Attenborough.

Attenborough, Sir Attenborough… I couldn’t help myself, there was a Bond movie on over the weekend. Attenborough’s ‘In Cold Blood’ series was also showing on the weekend, although I recommend not viewing the scene where the snake eats the entire antelope whole while eating dinner. Yuck!

I was stuck throughout by how approachable and engaging Attenborough makes any subject. Perhaps a great resource for your students?

He was recently asked to have an Attenborough’s Ark: 10 species he would save from extinction.

3. The New Library.

Just what is the new role of the library? I would venture to say we could all agree that the role of the library is currently in a state of constant change. The slide show gives a great breakdown of the rise of digital technology in reading. Admittedly this is an American based research project, so you can assume that Australia is one or two years behind the kind of digital technology American libraries currently have at their disposal.

4. The Library of Unwritten Books.

The imagination is a strange, unusual and infinite thing. Never ending, as my father always likes to say. The Library of Unwritten Books is all about imagination: thought, dream and fantasy.

“Library of Unwritten Books is a collection of possible books. Short interviews are recorded with people about a book they dream of writing or making.”

What is so very unique is the idea behind the Library of Unwritten Books; the complete lack of censorship. It’s a completely open forum of ideas, expressed in any manner they writer wishes to express them.

5. Publishing Giants United?

Rumors are hitting the publishing circuit that NewsCorp (that would be Murdoch’s NewsCorp, for those playing at home) is set to make a bid for Penguin. NewsCorp already has one publishing arm, Harper Collins, and is looking to add to it’s influence.

To make this a truly soap-like atmosphere, there are also rumors that Random House are in deep negotiations with Penguin.

It’s publishing house roulette.

EDITED: Today saw the announcement of the merger between Random House and Pearson Group (Penguin). Interesting times indeed! Especially because that gives the two publishing houses about 40% of the market share.

Anyone else finding that the Random Penguin House name a bit of a dud? One can only hope it’s media spin and not the publishing house name of preference.

6. Halloween Special: Frankenstein.

To get us in the swing of the Halloween holiday, Publishers Weekly have an article letting us know why Frankenstein is the greatest horror novel ever. What I found most fascinating about the article is Mary Shelley’s real-life… Lord Byron, lovers, death… no wonder Frankenstein is a little left of centre!


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