Net News: 22 October 2012

1.  Teens versus the ebook

Karen Springen at Publishers Weekly reports on a recent study that has shown that teens aren’t as on board with the ebook train as we might have thought.  It seems many people have made assumptions about teens partiality to tech and their reading habits…in fact it may be the adult YA readers that explain the ebook boom. This week I asked hundreds of Australian teens about ebooks and most stated preferred the traditional medium; mirroring the results of the study.

2. First Tuesday Book Club

Last Tuesday (which wasn’t technically the first Tuesday and thus was branded ‘Jennifer Byrne Presents: The Harry Games’) Byrne was joined by four Australian youth literature authors.  Answering queries on the success of the category, the phenomenas and why adults like reading YA were John Marsden, Morris Gleitzman, Melina Marchetta and Steph Bowe.  If you were late to the party, their panel can be viewed on ABC iView now.  If only there would present an official FTBC on YA…then we can all rejoice.

3. Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards 2012

Congratulations to John Larkin, recipient of the 2012 VPLAs for Young Adult Literature for The Shadow Girl (Random House).  You can read more details about the event and Larkin’s speech here.

4. Divergent film

Veronica Roth’s Divergent film adaptation seems to be hurtling towards production with rumours that Shailene Woodley (of The Descendants and The Secret Life of the American Teenager) is about to sign of as the heroine, Tris.  We think she would be perfect.

5. Reading Matters 2013

We know you are getting excited for next year’s Reading Matters. We are too!  Registration costs and booking forms will be available inside the next fortnight.  We have some amazing authors lined up and they will be announced early next year but you can bet your socks that you will be impressed.

6. Publishers’ Showcase

Last year’s showcase was an amazing event filled with editors, publishers, publicists and authors speaking to our packed  audience on their highlights and sneak peaks.  It was a very popular event (passionate YA people and gift bags – not surprised) and bookings are open for December 4th.  We have limited places and do ask that you book (or RSVP if you’re a Booktalker) to ensure you secure your place…and goodie bag.  The Publishers’ Showcase is your ultimate YA cheat sheet with extra dashings of fun and freebies!


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