Net News: 8th October 2012

1. To Infinity and Beyond.

Is this the future?

Sure, at the moment it’s a vodaphone ad campaign, in collaboration with a publisher, but who cares!

Romania, has turned the walls in it’s main metro station in to a digital library. You use your smart phone to scan the QR codes found on the spines of the ‘books’ and off you go.

This is part of Vodaphone’s new Vodaphone Digital Library technology. At the moment you can download free samples from 49 ebooks and 10 audiobooks. It is also available to anyone (no matter their provider).

I say anyone, and sadly I mean anyone in Romania. Oh to live in Romania right now. Is anyone else excited by this? It’s new and different, and demonstrates just where we can be heading.

2. Are We Reading…The Casual Vacancy?

Quite possibly the biggest book release of the year occurred last week – J.K is back with an adult crime fiction (no wands in sight). I did wonder what the reviews out would be like. The Harry Potter series is loved and devoured by so many children and adults. It was a world of magic, adventure and romance. You might ‘know’ going in it wouldn’t be anything like the Harry Potter’s, but did you expect the wands to be drawn at any moment? What about your students and book clubbers, are they reading it?And if so, do they like it?

The New York Times overall, had fairly lukewarm feelings about it.

But is it all a case of Potterfever? Are we just not ready to give up the lovable wand-weaving orphan?

3. YALSA and the Reasons Behind Adults Reading Young Adults.

Last month we were all not surprised by the report that 55% of YA readers are adults. YASLA have taken a stab at explaining the possible whys of the YA Adult phenomena

They touch upon the idea that adult authors, such as Jodi Picoult, James Patterson, John Grisham, etc, are making the move into the YA genre. These are the type of authors that inspire ‘I’ve read every book they’ve ever written’ emotions. I think it’s more than this though, I think it’s part of a very careful marketing campaign. Publisher’s will often brand the YA novel to the author’s style, but this style is often synonymous with the adult series. Take the James Patterson. I’ve pictured below a title from his YA series and a title from his adult series. Hard to tell them apart at the end of the day.











4. Twilight Poster Revealed.

We’re so close to the finish line! We will soon be Twillightmania free… yes? Alas, I doubt it. But a girl can dream.

The only question I care to ask about these Twilight movies is: why is everyone running? Is there a┬ázombocalypse I’m missing?

5. Google, the book scanners.

It’s the settlement… that doesn’t actually settle anything.

Once, many moons ago, there was a disagreement between Google and the Publishers. Google began making digital copies of every book available. To be stored on a Google server… never to see the light of day (supposedly). One called it ‘fair use’ the other cried ‘copyright infringement’.


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