Net News: 3rd September 2012

1. MWF In Snapshot.

Missed out on the Melbourne Writer’s Festival? Never fear, the very organised crew over at MWF have the whole 2012 experience in photo form for us.

They really give you a sense of the vibe throughout the festival.

You should also head on over to Danielle Binks blog for her posts about the sessions she attended (there are a lot). I think what’s so fantastic is the way Danielle has been able to be detailed (very) about the discussions and reactions from panel members and the audience.

2. Australia’s Biggest Harry Potter Fan Revealed

To celebrate 15 years since publication of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Bloomsbury put out a call to all of Harry Potter’s younger fans.

13 year-old Charlotte from NSW was revealed as Australia’s biggest Harry Potter fan, for her drawings and the very detailed Harry Potter family tree.

3. Publishing in Gif Form

Ever asked how an author does it? Author Nathan Bransford lets us in on the publishing process.

I think a strong case can be made for rewriting the title to read: Teachers At Report Writing Time.

4. CBCA Announcement

There are changes afoot!

CBCA national council have changed the rotating administrative executive with a new board of management. The new system will be one of consistency and continuity. They are also in development with a new constitution.

5. How Reading Helps The World

Reading fiction is fun. It helps us escape, arouses us, entertains and educates us. But is it doing us any good? 



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