Book List: Heartbreak & Other Aches

Heartbreak is an experience we all go through.  It’s the universal heart crushing, tear inducing, stomach clenching ick fest that seems to dominate our teen existence.  Enjoy!

Getting Over Garrett Delaney

Abby MacDonald

Sadie is deeply in love with Garrett, her best friend.

He’s going away and she finally realises they are never going to be a couple.  Time for the twelve step detox program to get over him and find herself again.

McDonald has created a wealth of characters in this novel that I would like to adopt as my gang.  Strong, vibrant, diverse women who help Sadie move on and out into the world.  The dialogue is snappy and the detox involves Sadie wading into many of my favourite things in life (one of which is Veronica Mars).

Candlewick Press

Where She Went

Gayle Forman

Adam isn’t just heartbroken.  His heart was ripped out, shredded, set alight and then stomped on when Mia left.  It has been five years and he’s still angry, resentful and lost.

And then she’s back.  One night. New York City.  The lights, the music, the people.  A chance for Adam to get over Mia, to understand why and where she went.  A chance for a new start.

A great exploration of a ‘new adult’ character dealing with the rage of being left behind by the girl who meant everything.

Random House

Why We Broke Up

Daniel Handler

Mim and Ed are finished.  Over.  Dunzo.

In her last act of their history she is returning a box of items that act as signposts from their time together.  Accompanying the box is a letter in which she provides the origin of each item and how they contributed to the end of their relationship.

Bitterness, humour and everything in between are portrayed in Handler’s words and Kalman’s whimsical illustrations.

Hardie Grant Egmont

Will Grayson, Will Grayson

John Green & David Levithan

Two perspectives from two different Will Graysons, as written by two different authors.  It sounds chaotic enough to work and it does, exceedingly well.

If there’s ever a character to remember it is that of Tiny Cooper who is forever in a cycle of love, lust and heartbreak.  Tiny has a heart the size of a truck and a yearning to release his musical leanings out into the world.

This book overflows with heart.


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