‘Net News: 11th June 2012

1. The Very Dramatic Saving of Kensal Rise Library.

This story has it all: impassioned protesters, a library on the brink of extinction, a secret book heist and a (hopefully) happy ending.

2. Gay Comic Book Characters: The New Green Lantern.

DC Comics have announced that the original Green Lantern (I learnt today that there is more than one!) is being recreated as a gay character. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Green Lantern is one of several gay characters through out the DC and Marvel universe.

3. Magic and Sony.

Don’t ask me how it works (pixie dust?), but Sony have recently announced The Wonderbook; the first in a new line of interactive gaming with books. The Wonderbook is a collaboration with JK Rowling, who has written a series of spells (Book of Spells) from her Harry Potter universe. Tied in with Pottermore (new an interactive ways of experiencing the Harry Potter world), the Wonderbook is a wand (your controller) and Book of Spells (book) that pops off the page and throws you into the world of wizardry.

4. Book Expo America 2012.

BEA12 is finished. Swimming with book fever, weary librarians would have taken their tired feet home. I was really intrigued by their podcasts (Middle Grade and YA). If you have some spare time I’d suggest a listen through to see just what the publisher’s are excited about this year.

5. Profanity and YA.

The following article can be taken with a grain of salt as it focuses exclusively on an analysis of foul language in the New York Times Best Seller List for Children’s Books, but it did make me wonder. Is there too much swearing in YA? Is the amount of swearing a true reflection on teens today?

6. YA Ratings.

Following from ‘Net News 5 is the question ‘Should YA books have ratings?’ It’s an interesting question, but what really had me interested was the link to Common Sense Media. They’re reviews indicate readership age and any contentious themes or issues that are in the books. Great guide if you know your reader is put off by violence or perhaps swearing.

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