‘Net News: 21st May 2012

Jeffers Heard and the Bottle1. Conferences and Apps

Adelaide was the place to be this weekend for the CBCA National Conference. If you weren’t there you can live it vicariously through the #cbca2012 twitter feed (or for a more condensed version, through our @CentreYouthLit tweets).

One of the hot topics from the conference is the iPad app of Oliver Jeffers’ Heart and the Bottle – it’s narrated by Helena Bonham Carter and looks divine! See for yourself here.


2. Festivals

If you weren’t at the CBCA conference, it’s because you were at the Sydney Writers’ Festival, yes? We couldn’t be there, so we’re hoping you will tell us all about it. Favourite panels? Inspiring topics? Juicy gossip?

We’ve heard the ‘Her Dark Materials’ panel with Lucy Christopher, Margo Lanagan, and Kirsty Eager was pretty darn hot. (Like we’d expect any less with that kind of line-up.) You can read a write-up of it at Literary Life.

3. Text Prize for Young Adult and Children’s Writing

Are you a writer of YA or children’s fiction or non-fiction? The Text Prize is open once again. Entries close 1 June, 2012. Previous winning books include Jane Higgins’ The Bridge, Leanne Hall’s This Is Shyness, and Richard Newsome’s The Billionaire’s Curse.


4. The Manual of Aeronautics

Ever wondered what the bridge of the Leviathian would look like? Head over to Scott Westerfeld’s blog to check out some of the freshly-unveiled artwork from his forthcoming book The Manual of Aeronautics.

5. Auror’s Tale
(subtitle: OMG-squee)

Coming soon: Harry Potter fanfic in web series form. In JK Rowling’s world of Harry Potter the Aurors are the elite officers trained to investigate crimes related to the Dark Arts. This surprisingly sophisticated-looking series will follow the Auror Hawthorne against the dark forces in New York.

6. Literature Lane

Today a previously nameless laneway in the heart of Melbourne, UNESCO City of Literature, will be named Literature Lane. Now someone just needs to open up a bookshop there. With coffee. And cocktails. And then I’ll move in upstairs.

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