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I was struck by a thought recently; books that base the plot around a coma patient are starting to split away and have their own tropes and identity. The action and drive of the story is completely character based. It is about the emotional roller coaster not the physical movement you find in traditional plot. It is a suspension from reality whilst very much based on the real – emotional discovery and growth.

There are some readers who need to/ like to focus on the internal. To not always have moving, high adventure books, but to slow the pace down and really delve into the emotional reflection that is brought about in extreme circumstances. Hence the coma list.

9781862308312If I Stay by Gayle Forman

For Mia, unconscious and dying after a severe car accident, her emotional journey of her past and present is to answer the question of If I Stay.

Random House Aus

Broken by Elizabeth Pulford

Zara is trapped in a coma after a horrific motorbike accident. Jumping between the real world and a comic book world, Zara is on a search for her big brother, Jem. While locked in her own body, a horrific childhood event begins to impinge on her emotional state.

Walker Books

Between Here and Forever by Elizabeth Scott.

Abby’s sister Tess is in a coma. She’s always been the perfect older sibling and Abby can’t help but feel jealous of her. Even now. Her feelings of guilt and shame cause her to put her own life on hold so that she can devote all her time to hospital visits to Tess. As the story develops Abby begins to uncover what has driven Tess all these years. Why her and her best friend Claire hate each other, the secret they felt burdened by.

Simon and Schuster Aus

Going Bovine by Libba Brayresized_9781742372907_224_297_FitSquare

Diagnosed with mad cow disease, sixteen year old Cameron is having a bit of a rough time of it. Unaware that he has actually slipped into a coma, he embarks on a mad adventure with Dulcie the punk angel and dwarf, Gonzo, in a bid to find a cure. Going Bovine takes a completely different approach to any of the other’s in this list. It chooses to embrace and have fun with the unconscious Cameron. His death is a foregone conclusion, it’s how he spends the time (even if it’s only in his mind) that really matters.

Allen and Unwin

One Long Thread by Belinda Jeffrey

Reviewed recently on ReadAlert, Ruby is forced to face a world without her twin sister, Sally, when she is bought to hospital in a coma after a car accident.


The Healing Spell by Kimberley Giffiths

A book for middle year readers, Livie believes herself to be the cause of her mother’s coma. To relieve her guilt she travels into the bayou surrounding her house to find a healer who will give her the healing spell to wake her mother.



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