Book Review: Losing It by Julia Lawrinson

Losing ItThe cover really says it all: this is a book about the all-absorbing subject of how to lose your virginity effortlessly and romantically, and by doing so, move irrevocably from the world of the socially pathetic to the cool life.

Abby, Mala, Bree and Zoe are determined to shed their virgin status before Schoolies Week does it for them. In other words, they want to ‘avoid losing it in the bushes with some random guy in a heavy-metal t-shirt after too many tequila shots.’

A pact is struck, and the countdown – and the fun – begins.

This is a light hearted look at what can be a serious issue for many teenagers, and in general it manages to tread gently through a complicated turning point in our lives. In writing about four very different girls, the author has the opportunity to explore wider themes and cultural limitations and expectations.  Abby, from a conservative Christian background, is dealing with the inevitable parental disapproval if they find out what she’s up to.  Mala, from a similarly conservative but Asian family, has an added complication: how is she going to tell the boy she’s using that she actually likes him? Bree encounters unexpected sexuality issues and Zoe learns a valuable lesson about mixing friendship with sex.

There’s potential for discussion, and for laughs, too, in this book, which would suit 13 – 16 year old readers.


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  1. Lou says:

    “… move irrevocably from the world of the socially pathetic to the cool life.”

    Really hoping this is tongue-in-cheek…? Seems a strange note to strike from the outset (bit of editorialising, perhaps?). Book looks good, though. Awesome cover.

  2. Jarrah says:

    Can’t wait to get my paws on this! Looks like a juicy and a cutting edge read for teens and maybe adults alike!

  3. lkemp says:

    Thank you for your comment.Yes, the line was intended to be be a little ironic, given the book’s subject matter. Glad you like the cover.

  4. Sue says:

    I was excited to read this book as cover great. Unfortunately it did not live up to my expectations and not worth buying. The characters are really poorly developed and whole plot lame. Sorry, but just don’t waste your time

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