‘Net News: 2nd April 2012

967019-film-the-hunger-games1. Hunger Games Fever Continued.

Last week’s Nielson Bookscan had Suzanne Collin’s Hunger Games holding seven of the top ten spots. An amazing feat, considering it’s a trilogy.

There’s a great article over at themarysue.com website titled Hunger Games’ Success & What it Means for Female Action Films

There’s also an article over at Jezebel.com that addresses some of the racist comments made by fans. Racist Hunger Games Fans are Very Disappointed. And another article over at Shikagoland.com about The Burden of Proof: Black Children and the Rejection of Innocence.

I admit to a large amount of shock and dismay.

2. YA Book Deals Break down 2011/2012

6a00d8345169e469e20163031db8b0970d-500wiThis is an American break down of the numbers, so take it all with a grain of salt. I was interested to see that contemporary is still holding steady, in terms of what is being published. Whether this is translating into market space is, perhaps, another matter.

3. Hachette Acquires Enid Blyton.

Hachette Children’s UK has just acquired the whole kit and caboodle of Enid Blyton works.

4. Websites to Note:

Kids Bookreview is a 100% voluntary children’s literature and book review site that supports and features authors, illustrators and publishers Australia-wide and internationally.

Walk A Book is Walker Books blog ode to The National Year of Reading.

5. A Show Don’t Tell Post to get you thinking.

A great post to have your students thinking about while over the holidays. Especially for any of those budding writers!

6. Harry Potter E-Books out now. 79c5189d7760c2fe9aa5905b7c741b908d566818-Harry-Potter-eBooks-Now-Available

Apparently it’s being terms the ‘Beatles moment for ebooks’. Who knew?

Linked is a look at how Harry Potter ebooks have done what no others have managed to do: force Amazon to be a spectator.

7. Kate Greenaway Medal Shortlist.

It’s been raining longlists, shortlists and winners around the literary world recently.

Speaking of Longlists: Hello 2012 Miles Franklin Literary Award.

8. The History Of 7 Bizarre English Words.

The English language is always changing, evolving. So how does one pick a history of words?

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  1. Ali Luke says:

    Thanks so much for the link to my post on Aliventures! Hope it’s useful for any students/teachers out there… 🙂

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