Net News: 5th December 2011

sony-e-reader1.  The e-book and the paper book.

There is lots of ‘versus’ going on in the book world at the moment. Lots of ‘pick a publishing side’ kind of sternness. This little link here is all about embracing both digital and print form of the book and what each can do for the other.

2. The fancy paper book.

Sticking with the digital and paper theme, here’s a link to the new york times online and an article about how we’re all still fanciful creatures – even in this modern age.

I particularly like the idea behind Robert Miller’s approach: “It’s like sending a thank-you note written on nice paper when we’re in an era of e-mail correspondence.”

3. Animation, Education and Creativity.

Fascinating RSA animation adapted from a talk given by Sir Ken Robinson. Long, but utterly worth it.

4. Speeches.

I find speeches to be a fantastic History in for reluctant students. VoiceGig have every speech imaginable . They’re about us is rather inspired:

VoiceGig is dedicated to speeches. Our first goal is give a platform for anyone, any where to upload, access and comment on speeches. Free.

Moreover we’re committed to giving you the whole text. As professional speechwriters we also offer our own analysis of some of the speeches of the day, decoding what’s really being said.

We aim to make speeches more open and collaborative.

Above all, we want to hear voices from all over the world, to feel the differences in the way that speeches are constructed and given in different cultures and countries; to celebrate this diversity and variety.

0115RHA_Extraordinaires_FULL02.indd5.  Michael Pryor.

This month sees Michael Pryor’s ‘The Extinction Gambit’ release AND he’s our writer in residence at insideadog. Head over; see the sights and a few delights for the Christmas month.

‘The Extinction Gambit’ launch will be held this Wednesday (7th December @ 4pm). To find out more simply visit Michael’s website.

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