Net News: 7th October 2011

read_alert_inky_32x321. Amazon: the world is your oyster.

Seems there’s a new frontier: e-book lending, Amazon style.

Of course it’s a very exclusive kindle-only and subscribers-to-Amazon-Prime-program club.

At the moment it is a limited and not all that interesting virtual library. But knowing Amazon this will be short lived. Expect it to grow by leaps and bounds. Also expect everyone else under the sun to have their own version in a heartbeat.

2. YA book bloggers; a resource.

The Centre of Youth Literature are proud as punch that the international online community is all a gush with Aussie YA. Take a look at Carla’s blog, The Crooked Shelf, for ‘Aussie YA Month.’

Carla is a force of nature. She is a whirlwind when it comes to YA; lots of capitals, lots of exclamation points and lots of enthusiasm.

Please beware the occasional course language.

3. Book banning Google map.

A rather industrious person at the library found this little Google map gem: an American book bans and challengers list (only 2007 to 2011). What scares me is the length (in a few short years) and the breadth (nearly every state in America) of this list.

Surely the idea is to fill the libraries, not empty them out.

4. John Wood, honorary librarian.

It is a classic story: former Microsoft big wig turns charity founder. His belief? That ‘World Change Starts with Educated Children.’ His charity, Room to Read, has the rather staggering statistic of opening (on average) six libraries a day.

So many American efforts to influence foreign countries have misfired — not least here in Vietnam a generation ago. We launch missiles, dispatch troops, rent foreign puppets and spend billions without accomplishing much. In contrast, schooling is cheap and revolutionary. The more money we spend on schools today, the less we’ll have to spend on missiles tomorrow.’

A hero after my own heart.

9780385616508 5. Christopher Paolini release

Fourth and final book in the Inheritance Cycle (now that it’s no longer a trilogy, mind) will be in stores on the 9th of November. There’s a competition for signed hardback additionsfor all those die hard fans.

An amen for all those left with Harry Potter withdrawals.


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