Net News: 20 October 2011

Five YA bits and pieces from the internet this week:

1.  You may have been hiding in a bunker for the past week to not have heard the furor that erupted around the US’s  National Book Foundation Awards this week.  In a nut shell, the NBF announced a shortlist of five youth literature titles up for contention.  One of these titles was mistakenly announced.  Instead of adding the title that was accidentally left off and leaving it at that.  The NBF announced the book that was accidentally on the list – Lauren Myracle’s Shine.

It got worse.

They then asked Lauren to remove her book from contention.

What was an award for quality YA and drawing attention to a great shortlist has now become a spotlight on the NBF’s clumsy handling of the situation.  Myracle has removed her book from the shortlist in a classy move.  Attention still hasn’t redirected itself to the other authors recognised in the list who are completely innocent of all the shenanigans.

2.  “Why Teens Should Read Adult Fiction

Brian McGreevy of Salon has written an article that bends against the rash of articles on YA being deemed too dark.  His theory on the VCA (V.C. Andrews) Curve is one that I’ve heard in conversation many a times.

3. Oscar winning screenwriter for Juno, Diablo Cody, has written and produced a film that revolves around a YA writer returning home.  It is unsurprisingly called ‘Young Adult’.  Some fantastic artwork has appeared as a result, including the film’s poster which is both familiar to YA readers and scary at the same time.  More artwork advertising screenings in the US is popping up.

4. James Roy posted from the German Literature Youth Prize.  He unfortunately didn’t come away the winner for Town but he did see and do amazing things while in Germany.

5.  John Flanagan is dropping by the State Library of Victoria this Sunday (23rd of October) to regal folks with tales of his new Viking adventure series, Brotherband.  It is a free event with advance copies of the book on sale (10 days before stores) as well as a chance to have your book signed.  More info here.

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